I started at Mobile Roadie as an interactive designer, then starting doing front-end development, then went on as product manager, and am now director of product.

I've led teams and performed design & development work on the following projects:
• Custom app themes for high profile clients
• Spear-headed a complete redesign of our customer facing CMS, beginning with user research, information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, and scheduling
• Did initial rounds of development on our platform-controlled mobile web product
• Involved with redesign of public site, multiple times, including making the entire site responsive to all device sizes
• Migrated our issue tracking to JIRA and configured it to suit our needs and instituted Agile development processes
• Instituted a thorough Quality Assurance process with other team members
• Began robust Google Analytics tracking of our products to determine successes and improve conversions
• Writing detailed product requirements for iOS and Android bugs, improvements, and features to present to stakeholders as well as developers
• Maintain a product road map to establish themes for upcoming sprints
• Defining statements of work for custom work with high profile clients, and project managing the launch and success of their mobile apps
• Improving internal company communication by writing and maintaining workflows and processes and reference documentation, especially for new employees
• Defined and launched several new products and updates, such as: geofencing, interactive maps, in-app purchases, customer analytics, app user onboarding, cms customer onboarding, updated pricing, polling, golden tickets, marketing wizard, etc.
• Various miscellaneous tasks involving company morale, copywriting, social media, email marketing campaigns, language translations, A/B testing, maintaining a product updated blog, performing user research, etc.