Drum Channel website

When I was brought onto the Drum Channel team, I was tasked with designing the website and working closely with the agency being used for development.
• I had a couple of months to comp out a 200+ page website doing much of the work myself and using a contractor for sub-pages design
• I led the front-end development by hand-coding HTML and CSS and eventually leading the work of another front-end developer to get the amount of work done.
• I worked closely with three ASP.NET developers and a project manager to write up specifications for areas of the site, write site copy, finish incomplete wireframes, and design interactions.
• I was instrumental in developing the social media marketing strategy and managing our community, growing our Facebook and Twitter followings into the thousands, running contests, and connecting drummers with fans.
• I did graphic design on several print ads in DRUM! Magazine and Modern Drummer Magazine, DVD covers and branding, banner ads, promotional materials, and apparel.